We are film-makers, not just Pilots.

We work in film and television and law enforcement, we are camera/lighting operators, sound engineers, composers, illustrators, editors, riggers: that’s the difference. We see what so many do not and our experienced crew are able to create and record shots in a natural and unobtrusive way. We understand the ‘grammar of the shot’ television production techniques to create breathtaking cinematography.

For our aerial work we use a range of Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) from Freefly to Phantoms which can carry an array of cameras From Go Pro 4 to Red Dragon and Arri Mini depending on film requirements. We ensure pre-production procedures are followed before every shoot, such as a recce, risk assessments, special permissions and weather conditions and Civil Aviation Approval.

The use of drones has risen immensely in the past year. However, because of strict guidelines and restrictions, we have full BNUC-S qualifications, following strict CAA safety and operational guidelines. We are fully insured with £10m public liability.

Aerial equipment.

Heavy payload rigs to carry Red Dragon and Arri Mini cameras

Small – Medium rigs including the Inspire 1 Raw with X5R camera and rigs to carry the GH4 – both with different lens options.

Finally, each shoot is weather dependent. To ensure your shoot runs as smoothly as possible, we have access to high level meteorology and navigation planning systems. Each shoot is different, please contact us to discuss your requirements in more detail.